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Doran Stewart Community Ticket Program

Storm hockey has been a popular choice for people of all ages since the team was formed in 1995. The Storm, in fact, has attracted more fans over 17 years than any other Junior A team in the country. But, there are some who don’t have the resources to attend games.

That’s where Doran Stewart Oilfield Services comes in.

The company is, starting with the 2012-2013 season, sponsoring the Doran Stewart Oilfield Services Community Ticket Program for Storm hockey games.

Any individuals or groups who would like to experience Storm hockey, but may be struggling financially or for other reasons, can contact the Storm office and if they qualify will receive free tickets to a Storm game.

“One consistency at Doran Stewart Oilfield Services during our nearly 30 years of operation has been our philosophy of giving back to the communities we work in,” said Doran Stewart spokesman  Shaun Renneberg.  “This year we have the great pleasure of partnering with the Grande Prairie Storm in this exciting community project.”

The program offers 1,000 tickets to Storm games.

“It is so rewarding to know we will have helped bring a number of new fans to a Storm game who may not have otherwise been able to attend.  This is one small way of showing our appreciation for the support the Grande Prairie area has given our Doran Stewart over the years.”

The ticket program is open to all ages – child, student, senior and adult.

“We are delighted Doran Stewart Oilfield Services has taken on sponsorship of this program,” said Storm business manager Ward Livingston. “Grande Prairie and area is very fortunate there are community-minded companies like Doran Stewart Oilfield Services who go the extra mile to give back. The Storm is looking forward to being involved in this program and exposing top calibre Junior A hockey to a new group of fans.”

Anyone wanting to take part in the program can call the Storm office at 780-538-4919.

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