The GP Storm Junior A Hockey organization has partnered with Grande Peace Athletic Club on a spring hockey program for the 2021 season should COVID restrictions lift and we are allowed to play.

The spring program is built off quality programming developed and delivered by Junior A Storm and GPAC experts; Mike Vandekamp (Storm Head Coach & General Manager), Sam Waterfield (Storm Assistant Coach), Ryan Allen (GPAC Technical Director) to advance the abilities of both our players and coaches.

We are looking to offer three development alternatives.

1)     Competitive Team. We plan to assemble one competitive team for each age group to be paired with our elite level development program that is designed to push players a little harder and ultimately represent Storm hockey at tournaments. Programming content will consist of on-ice practice, off-ice conditioning, and classroom instruction. Teams will be co-coached by the head coach and Sam Waterfield, Ryan Allen, and GPAC coaches and will travel for tournaments (if available this year).

2)     Skill Development Academy. We plan to offer a skill development academy that will not require travel to tournaments. This development program is designed to promote individual skill development to prepare players for next year. The development academy will be coached by Sam Waterfield, Ryan Allen, and GPAC coaches.

3)     3-on-3 Hockey. This is a skill-based game focused to work on small area play. 3-on-3 hockey helps to increase creativity with the puck, puck support and overall game transition. We plan to offer 3 on 3 hockey for kids who want to participate and compete in game like scenarios, while still having fun. Teams can enter as a cohort or individually and will be placed on mixed teams. Referees are there for all games as well as on bench coaches will not be provided.

Player development this year has been challenging due to the restrictions COVID has placed on team sport. We want to see kids play and we remain hopeful that the situation improves so we can offer our Spring Program.

Right now, it is impossible to predict what things will look like in April. Combine this with the possibility of the regular season being extended, it is too difficult to lock down and communicate more details at this point.

We want to reach out to judge the level of interest in the alternatives above. Our intentions would be to start the program after the regular hockey season is over and would not run past the end of June.

Head Coach are: Tyler Mounsey (2012); Devin Kimble; 2010 ? Chad Cormack (2010); Brenan Jones (2009); Kevin Poston (2008); Ryan Allen (2008); Kelly McLeod (all female 2010-2011); Averyl Toews & Corbin Welsh (all female 2008-2009); and Dave Hamilton (all female 2006-2007).

Please complete the survey here if you are interested in participating in one of the three development alternatives above. We appreciate your help.