Did you know that every five minutes, someone in this country dies from heart disease, stroke and related conditions? And that people with these conditions are at higher risk for complications, and death, if they contract COVID-19?  

Not only is the virus much deadlier for people with chronic conditions, COVID-19 can also damage previously healthy hearts and have serious effects on the brain.

That’s why your  Grande Prairie Storm  is thinking outside the box with our fundraising, and using our  fun, unique idea of a  Virtual Frisbee Toss  to fundraise to make a difference.  

For every $5 donated we will put your name into a draw for a gift basket worth over  $800.  You could win two Storm Season Tickets (2021-2022) plus gift cards to Canadian Tire,  Mr. Mike’s , Prairie Mall and much more.  Draw Date: March 5th, 2021

To donate click here.

For a limited time, and with February being Heart Month, CP will TRIPLE MATCH your donation.   Even a small denomination is helpful, and every dollar makes a difference.

Every year, Heart & Stroke volunteer fundraisers across Canada raise funds for this critical research. But this year, with the pandemic, donations – and research funding – have never been at greater risk.  Please donate to help fund this lifesaving research – together, we’ll beat heart disease and stroke.

Thank you for supporting your Grande Prairie Storm!!