The Grande Prairie Storm fifth raffle proceeds will be in support of the Mighty Max Fundraiser.

Buy tickets and help this Northern Albertan Fairview families goal come true!

Max is in the photo featured. Those who know him call him Mighty Max. He has been a fighter since long before his due date and now Max has his biggest challenge yet, the diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, a rare and debilitating disease.

There are treatments available to slow the progression; however, the way to maximize length and quality of life is to seek Zolgensma – a gene therapy not approved or funded by Health Canada, a drug that must be administered before he reaches the age of two.

The cost is $2.8 million CAD and it?s imperative we do everything we can to get Max this treatment.  Who could disagree?

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The Storm is part of the Alberta Junior Hockey League and is here to help dedicated and talented hockey players between the ages of 16-21 achieve their goals.

We are proud to be an integral part of the Grande Prairie region and we take pride in helping to support other community groups which is why a portion of the proceeds from this raffle will be donated to a local organization within our community. The remainder of the funds will be used directly towards player expenses such as road trip accommodations and meals, billets, and equipment.

We understand that Covid-19 has impacted everyone, and us non-profits are no different.  Fundraising events that were previously planned have been cancelled or postponed and we are left to find alternative ways to raise money.   

We rely on and appreciate the support of our friends, neighbours, hockey fans, and fellow Albertans to keep us in the rink and on the ice.

Ticket sales for this raffle end on January 3. Draw date is January 8 at Revolution Place Arena. The winner will be contacted.