Storm announce the futures from the Dec. 1st, 2014 trade with the Olds Grizzlys

December 1st, 2014 the GP Storm and Olds Grizzlys completed a trade that had Jade McMullen (95) going to the Grizzlys in exchange for Josh Zablocki (96), Alex Brewer (95), Dustin Gorgi (95) and futures. Today the futures were announced that the Hockey Canada playing rights of McMullen are returned to the Storm.

Coach / GM Kevin Higo, “When we made Jade available at the time we were getting numerous offers and wanted to get the best deal possible for the present and the future. By having the futures be Jade's rights coming back to the Storm, we felt it was the best deal presented to us. At that time there was a chance that Jade might play another year of Junior A hockey. Since that time Jade has switched NCAA Schools and will be leaving for Western Michigan in a couple of weeks.”

Jade McMullen (95)
Edmonton, AB
5'10″ 175
GP-55 G-33 A-20 = 53 Pts