We are pleased to announce that we are proceeding with our spring hockey program commencing May 1, 2021 and running until June 30, 2021.

In December we sent out a survey to understand demand. We have used this data to finalize the following offering. Our spring program is built off quality programming developed and delivered by our Storm and GPAC experts; Mike Vandekamp (Storm Head Coach & General Manager), Sam Waterfield (Storm Assistant Coach), Ryan Allen (GPAC Technical Director) to advance the abilities of both our players and coaches.

Competitive Team. Practices will be designed to maximize the effectiveness to engage the kids, develop skills and keep it exciting until we are able to play games. All practices will be executed in accordance with government restrictions and will be modified as they are relaxed. We will seek to play games if restrictions lift.   No tournaments are planned at this time. Teams will be co-coached by the head coach and Storm, GPAC and PCFAC coaches.

ID skates are being held on March 19, 20, and 21 for the four male teams. Please contact the head coach if you are interested in competing for a spot on the team.

Skill Development Academy. This 8 week program is designed to promote individual skill development to prepare players for next year. Players will skate for an hour, twice a week during the weekdays. The development academy will be coached by Sam Waterfield, Ryan Allen, and GPAC coaches. There will be four sessions offered; 2004-2006, 2007-08, 2009-10, and 2011-14.

GPMHA 3-on-3 Hockey. This is a skill-based game focused to work on small area play. 3-on-3 hockey helps to increase creativity with the puck, puck support and overall game transition. Our plan is to offer the program pending relaxation of government restrictions that permits this style of play. We will release more information on this in the future.

Player development this year has been challenging due to the restrictions covid has placed on team sport. We want to see kids back playing games and we remain hopeful that the situation improves.

Pricing and registration details will follow. Please follow us on Facebook to stay in touch for future communication.


The Head Coaches are:

Female 2006-2007 Dave Hamilton (250-467-3472);

Female 2008-2009 Corbin Welsh/Averyl Toews 780-897-8713

Female 2010-2011 Kelly McLeod 780-882-0185

Male 2007 Ryan Allen 780-804-7118

Male 2008 Kevin Poston 780-512-1421

Male 2009 Brenan Jones 780-402-9192

Male 2010-2011 Devin Kimble 780-933-4495